Friday, January 23, 2009

Move activation - we finally have another one!

Agora is in the process of recognizing einos's protectorate status. Many thanks to them. As Scribe, I request that the players of Agora protect us in part by submitting more Valid Moves. Also, ehird's submitted a move, adding the new Rule XI (below). The Sacred Piece of Paper now reads:

teucer: 1
ehird: 42

And the scores are now:
teucer: 5
ehird: 10

Rule I. Any person (or other apparently sentient entity) in the universe may take part in this game by sending a Valid Move to the Scribe.

Rule II. A Valid Move consists of an email message or something posted on the most recent entry on the einos blog, clearly marked as a move, and containing all of: a suggested change to these Rules expressed clearly and unambiguously (the Proposal), an integer (the Integer), and a name or other set of symbols sufficient to more or less clearly identify a particular person or other apparently sentient entity (the Name).

Rule III. Once a week, or whenever he or she feels like it, the Scribe shall select one of the Valid Moves that have been sent and not yet applied, and apply it. Applying a Valid Move consists of: changing the rules as specified in the Proposal, and writing down the Integer and the Name on the Sacred Piece of Paper. Not very long after Applying a Valid Move, the Scribe shall make available on his or her website a copy of the Move, and the new state of the Rules.

Rule IIII. When a Valid Move is Applied, the person (or other apparently sentient entity) named by the Name in the Move shall receive five Points.

Rule V. Whenever there are two Integers recorded on the Sacred Piece of Paper which have the same Name, the Integer/Name pair with the smaller Integer shall be erased from the Paper (if the Integers are equal, one shall be erased at random).

Rule VI. Whenever there are three Integers recorded on the Sacred Piece of Paper which have different Names, the entity picked out by the Name associated with the second-highest Integer shall receive ten Points (or, if two or more of the Integers on the Paper are equal, the entities picked out by each of the Integers in the set of equal Integers shall receive twenty Points), and the three Integers and Names shall be erased.

Rule VII. The entity which has the most Points at any given instant is the current Champion of the Game, and has the right to brag.

Rule VIII. The Scribe is teucer.

Rule IX. The name of this Nomic game is "The Earth Is Nonetheless An Oblate Spheroid Nomic".

Rule X. The Earth Is Nonetheless An Oblate Spheroid Nomic submits to Agora as its benevolent protector. Any protective decree of Agora that targets this nomic takes effect as specified by the rules of Agora.

Rule XI. Any move which includes an integer greater than any other integer on the Sacred Paper is called a Crazy Move. Once the integer from the move in question is added to the Sacred Paper, all integers on the Sacred Paper apart from the one just added are replaced with themselves, binary XORed with the mean of all integers on the Sacred Paper with the decimal part chopped off. (The binary XOR operation is "X ^ Y" in many programming languages, although some use that to mean exponentiation.)